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  • The Membership gave our Executive the clear upper hand with a stagger 2 to 1 no vote going into the second round of negotiations! Our Executive board failed us by not being able to capitalize on a clear opportunity.

    You took a beating at the table. You should have had all the power you needed after the first no vote! Instead, you went back and told the company full timers were satisfied with the contract and that part timers were not happy about team care? Which was a lie! 

    Tim Sylvester, UPS took your power and left you in the corner with a dunce cap on your head for years to come! For what you gave away to get the majority of members at local 804 mind boggled!... To give away Election Day and make a floating holiday for all of us and allow VCD's to be underpaid and no full time pension? 

    To our part time members, your healthcare has absolutely nothing to do with the supplements or your salary! So you voting no again has no implication on your healthcare, salary and part time pension.

    Part Timers be aware of?
    The 300.00 increase is likely not for you if you have 7-10 years of part time service! Why? You have to work a minimum of 25 years of full time service to receive it, We believe a pension increase is for all members! Not a certain group! We deserve a accrual rate increase for ALL VESTED MEMBERS!...

    VOTE NO!!

Listen Closely as Tim Sylvester Explains How ELECTION DAY WAS ELIMINATED!!!


This is The Most CONCESSIONARY contract in Local804 History!!!


  • Pension increase is not guaranteed and is not for everyone, If you have 28years but 8years are part time you will NOT GET THE INCREASE! The accrual rate stays the same at $144 per year served!!!


  • This contract gives back over $6,000,000 on the life of the contract to a company that makes BILLIONS ON OUR BACKSWhile we have hundreds of members on collections for medical bills and retirees not able to afford health coverage!!!



  • If you are a 22.3 combo employee, You will not have the opportunity to do ground work or get OVER TIME!!! 


  • This contract will open the door for all year round helpers with no protections to the driver or helper, On ACCIDENTS, INJURIES, TECHNOLOGY, LOSS OF GOODS OR PRODUCTION!!!


  • The new 22.3 combo help job, You will have to leave the hub to meet the driver on the road, that time will not be considered time work!!!


  • VCD’S will destroy the full time driving position, VCD’S making $11 less per hour than a driver!!!


  •  Helpers all year round, Here we go with the 300stops per car BS!!!


  • There will be two free periods, Only about 76 day to make book!!!


  •  Election day eliminated, Over $800 straight out of your pocket!!!


  • One hour flex start time, 1/2 hour less OT per day, $121 less a week!!!
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Local804 membership kept in the dark on 2nd round supplemental!!!

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Here are some questions we all should ask our eletected officials.

  • Why is the company holding back $.15 cents from the one dollar per hour, per member we should have received from the international portion negotiated monies? that $.15 equals to over $5,778,240 dollars over five years!. "With that money we could eliminate medical copayments for everyone!"


  • If the pension is truly going up to $3,900 dollars per month, why do we need part time drivers covering vacations for 6 months out of the year with no book acquisition? With the amount of members retiring, that by itself will create more opportunity for part timers to become full time package drivers and low seniority drivers will have the opportunity for summer vacations! "the Company doesn't care about drivers having vacations in the summer, all they care about is us doing more for less pay and this executive board is agreeing with them."


  • If part time air drivers refused to become a "VACATION COVER DRIVER," will they continue to receive driver top pay when they deliver ground? If they refused to work at a lower rate of pay, would they still have the opportunity to deliver ground? 


  • If only the package car drivers are going to have a minimum of 15% more vacations in the summer and the part timers are going to cover, does it mean the part timers are going to have fewer vacation slots in the summer?

The executive board is unanimously endorsing Local 804's tentative agreement to vote yes on the Local 804 supplement, based on a recommendation from the Co-Chair of the board of trustees.  The Co-Chair would recommend a meeting to vote on the increases after the contract gets ratified.  Read the LETTER OF INTENT click here.  This letter is in no way a "guarantee" by the Company. 

There is "No pension increase guaranteed" by the Company!

To understand the future we must understand the past!


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